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Portable Handheld Vacuum Cleaner 120W Car Charger

$29.00 Excluding HST


  • Overview:
  1.  High-efficiency turbine blade design thoroughly cleans dust and hair, deals with smoke ash, dust, hair, crumbs, etc., no dead ends left.
  2.  A plug-in vacuum cleaner with a 14.8ft power cord and four attachments is flexible and agile to clean every corner in your car.
  3.  Built-in removable HEPA filter that can be washed for durability and long-term filtration.
  4.  Lightweight and portable, the cleaner can be placed in the car cup slot, center console, door pockets, and other places, 8.5″ in height, 2″ in diameter, space-saving, easy to take out and carry.
  5. A multi-purpose vacuum cleaner can be used to clean your car interior or room. Compact and lightweight, portable, and easy to store.
  • Specification:
Product name: car vacuum cleaner Product size: about 21.5*5.4cm, cord length is about 4.5 meters Product material: ABS Product packaging: kraft paper box Packing size: 23*9*8cm Packing number: 20/piece Rated speed: 2000 (r/min) Rated voltage: 12 (V) Rated input power: 120 (W) The main scope of application: dual-use for home and car Vacuum suction: 4000 (mbar)  
  • Package Content:
1 x Vacuum Cleaner 1 x Brush Attachment 1 x Slot Attachment 1 x Hose 1 x Hose Connector 1 x Power Cord