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Multi-Functional Yoga Fitness Equipment Set - Comes With Yoga Mat, Yoga Ball, Skipping Rope and Spring Exercise Elastic Belt

$59.99 Excluding HST


Material Natural rubber, foam
Yoga mat 183cm x 61cm x 1.0cm
Pilates ball diameter 25cm (purple)
Frosted 2-strand puller 27 x 26 x 60cm
Black skipping rope 3 meters
Mesh bag Suitable for yoga mat size
– Yoga mat is lightweight and easy to carry
– Suitable for yoga practitioners / aerobic exercises / sports hobbies, etc.
– PVC rubber skipping rope, adjustable length
– Yoga ball elastic explosion-proof
Package Included:
1 x Yoga Mat
1 x Yoga Ball
1 x Skipping Rope
1 x Spring Exercise
1 x Bag for yoga mat
1 x  Rope for yoga mat bag