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360° Wifi Home Security CCTV Fisheye Camera & LED Lamp

$38.99$75.99 Excluding HST


LED Light 960P Panoramic Wireless Home Security Wifi CCTV Fisheye IP Camera Lamp 360 Degree Home Security Burglar

360 degree panoramic view

360 degree panoramic monitoring without blind spot, make every cornor visible in your eyes.

Sensitive Motion Detection

Any minor movements are captured accurately and alert you immediately via the app.

Integrated with LED lighting

Support app manually turns on / off light. Dual-use camera and lamp, when you don't need to monitor, you can use as a lamp

Simple to install

Standard e27 mouth, supports 110-220 v, Say goodbye to complex installations Super easy to install just like replacing a light bulb

Installation is as easy as screwing in a light bulb.